Cian McGirr and Niamh Clancy who achieved their Munster Grade B times at the recent Munster Grade C gala.


The Fermoy Swimming Club swimmers abandoned their mothers on their special day in order to compete in the Munster Grade C gala in Waterford on Sunday, March 6.

Cian McGirr started the day with a blistering pace taking off 7 seconds in his 100 Freestyle to achieve his Munster Grade B time not only in this event, but also in the 100m IM so is now officially a Munster Grade B swimmer.

On the back of a great swim the previous week in Tipperary, Niamh Clancy managed to improve further still by taking off 1.34 secs in her 100m freestyle to add to her 100m IM time to also be an official Munster Grade B swimmer. She also achieved B time in her 50m butterfly and won gold in this event.

Emma O’Grady took a staggering 3.65 secs off her 100 IM to get her B time in this event and her 50m backstroke, where she also won gold. Hannah Salvatori swam PBs and won gold in the 100m freestyle, 100 IM and won silver in the 50m backstroke and breaststroke.

Mai McMahon took an amazing 11.52 secs off her 100m freestyle time and huge amounts off her other events. Claire Linehan, Ciara Clancy, Nefelia Pyrovolaki and Emily Darrer-Dalton also achieved some good PBs on the day.

Well done to Niamh Finn and Lauren Armstrong who swam in their first grade C gala. David Noonan gained his B time in the 50m butterfly also winning a silver medal in the process.

Darragh Gill also won silver in the 50m butterfly, in his age group. William Verling swam a 3.18 PB in his 50m backstroke to obtain a B time just missing out on a medal in 4th place. Ben Terry flew home in the 50m freestyle to win a gold medal.

Darren Counihan, John Lonergan, Mark and Rory Newell all swam well to take off large amounts of time. Well done to Rory Gill who competed for the first time at a Munster grade C gala.

Thanks to all the parents who travelled, supported and officiated on the day. Thank you to coach Paula Finn for a great day’s work. Sorry to all those neglected mothers – I do hope your children made it up to you – thanks from Jackie.


Well done to our swimmers at last weekend’s Munster grade ‘B’ gala in Waterford. Report to follow.


April 2nd and 3rd are the dates for the Munster Age Groups Division 2 event at UL. This competition will have the same events as the Irish Division 2 and will be confined to swimmers from within the Munster region. All events will be heat declared winners.

Ellen Brooks who won silver in the 100m breaststroke and gold in the 50m breaststrokeÊat the recent Munster Long Course in UL, pictured with coach Zdenka Trojkova.
Ellen Brooks who won silver in the 100m breaststroke and gold in the 50m breaststroke at the recent Munster Long Course in UL, pictured with coach Zdenka Trojkova.


Glofish and Swordfish – No training on Friday, 25th March and Friday, 1st April as Easter holidays. We did have one extra training session over midterm as usually we take this off. Marlins – back Saturday, 2nd April; Sailfish – back Sunday, 3rd April; Dolphins – back Sunday, 3rd April; Sharks – back Saturday, 2nd April; Torpedoes – Last training session Thursday, 24th March back Tuesday, 29th March.


Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday, March 27 – no training for any squad as it’s the Easter weekend; Tuesday, March 29 – no Sharks or Dolphins training; Wednesday, March 30 – no Sharks training; Friday, April 1 – no Swordfish or Glofish training; Saturday 2 and Sunday, April 3 – no Torps as Munster Division 2. Deck duty rotas for deck duty can be found on our website –