Step forward for Park Utd as they embrace ‘Walking Football’

THEY'LL NEVER WALK ALONE: Members of Park Utd's 'Walking Football' team, who've impressed everyone with their technique and skill. (Pic: John Ahern)

By John Ahern & Marian Roche

Normally, ‘losing that yard of pace’ spells bad news for a player’s career. However, the advent of ‘Walking Football’ has changed all that and last Wednesday the results of a five-week training programme with ‘Age and Opportunity Ireland’ were seen in the flesh with a match at Park Utd’s grounds at Brigown in Mitchelstown.

‘Walking Football’ is what it says on the can; football (soccer), but where sprinting, running and jogging is all outlawed. There’s also no physical contact allowed. It sounds far-fetched, but it’s not, and the progressive Park Utd have enthusiastically embraced the concept.

Last week, to celebrate the culmination of a five-week training programme with Age and Opportunity Ireland, the team played a match and were awarded their certificates from the organisation. The Avondhu met ‘Age and Opportunity Ireland’ representatives, Bill Lewis and Peter McNulty and saw at first hand what this ‘new’ sport looks like. Speaking with The Avondhu, Park Utd chairman Sean Keane was quick to endorse the initiative. 

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