Work on the Junction Improvement Scheme at Beechfield junction in Fermoy will commence on Monday, October 10th and will take approximately eight weeks to complete, Cork County Council has announced.

The revamp of the junction will be undertaken by Martin O’Callaghan Ltd, based in Carrigaline, while the NNRDO will coordinate between the surfacing contractor and the traffic signals contractor as required.

The project, as designed by Cork County Council, will see the signalisation of the junction, removing any uncertainty for motorists and pedestrians when approaching the junction. The new layout has been designed to benefit all road users, with a particular emphasis on vulnerable road users, who would be described as pedestrians, elderly people, people with impaired vision or hearing, and people in wheelchairs, who would have difficulty crossing the road in the normal course of events.


The improved junction will have dedicated green time on traffic signals for each approach road to the junction, and the push of a button by a pedestrian will signal a green man, allowing them to cross in safety. Among other changes to the junction include upgrades to public lighting in the area, the use of build-outs to tighten the junction itself, as well as improved road drainage, road markings and signs.

Fermoy-based Cllr Noel McCarthy this week welcomed the announcement of a start date for the project. “As it stands there is too much uncertainty for both motorists and pedestrians approaching the junction, particularly motorists who are attempting to join the road from St Bernard’s Place and Beechfield Estate. The new design, which has been through public consultation, will greatly improve the junction in terms of safety and ease of use,” he said.