Seasonal Fisheries Officers being recruited

Fisheries officers l-r: Jose Perez, Maureen Byrne, Andrew Crosbie and Christine Meehan.

Inland Fisheries Ireland, the state agency responsible for the protection, conservation, development and promotion of freshwater fish, habitats and sea angling, is launching its recruitment drive today to hire 36 Seasonal Fisheries Officers nationwide.

The six-month posts are divided across seven River Basin Districts, covering fifteen counties including Cork, Limerick and Waterford, with recruitment getting underway immediately.

Seasonal Fisheries Officers from Cork will join teams over the summer months to help protect, conserve and develop fisheries resources working in and around Ireland’s lakes, rivers and coastlines.

Inland Fisheries Ireland is looking for candidates for both ‘protection’ and ‘development’ roles and they will play a crucial part in the agency’s plans for 2023, according to its HR Director, Róisín Bradley.

Launching the recruitment drive, Bradley said: “Our new Seasonal Fisheries Officers will be joining us to help protect, maintain and conserve this country’s natural resources. As an environmental agency, enforcement, protection and development are a big focus for us.

“Our teams undertake over 30,000 patrols around the clock every year, including patrols by foot, e-bike, vehicle and boat. At the same time, our development teams ensure the sustainability of fisheries habitat, enabling access for this generation and for future generations.”

She added: “Our Officers working in protection will spend a lot of their time patrolling lakes, rivers and coastlines. While Officers working in development will also spend a lot of their time around lakes and rivers, as they build, repair and maintain structures. Those that enjoy being close to nature and working outdoors, in all types of weather, are likely to find these roles in Cork very appealing and rewarding.”

The agency plans to launch a second recruitment drive later in the year for Seasonal Research Assistants. 

The Seasonal Recruitment campaign opened for applications over the weekend. Those interested in applying for a six-month Seasonal Fisheries Officer role can apply online at before the deadline of Tuesday, 21st February.