‘Sean Moylan, Irish Revolutionary’ for Conna

The play, ‘Sean Moylan, Irish Revolutionary’ which tells of one man’s account of key events during the Irish War of Independence, comes to Conna Hall on Friday, May 19 at 8.15pm and is a wonderful piece of theatre sure to entertain, inform and provoke conversation.

A man who sacrificed, suffered and risked his life for his country. It is a tribute to him and to all who volunteered, many of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice, and to their families who bear it.

Written and performed by Michael Patric, (An Cailín Ciúin, Smother, Frontier) and directed by Geoff Gould, ‘Sean Moylan, Irish Revolutionary’ will take the audience through dramatic events of the period – ambush and guerrilla tactics, life on the run and the lasting effects of it all. In true Moylan fashion, it will be intense but funny and direct but reflective.

Eilis Hourigan of the independent.ie wrote of it: “The writing in It was a masterclass in both writing and acting. There wasn’t a sound to be heard from the venue throughout the performance as we followed the journey of Seán through the war of Independence to the early days of the Civil War.

“Michael (Patric) has an almost magical ability to hold an audience in the palm of his hand, one minute eliciting tears of laughter, the next leading to a moment of profound sadness. It was an extremely well-balanced piece of work, based on the detailed account of Moylan’s memory of the War of Independence to the Bureau of Military History, his Dáil speeches and other sources, all impeccably researched by the writer.

“It is not just a story about North Cork, nor is it just an Irish story, it is universal. It is the story of suffering, sacrifice and bravery of normal men and women standing up to power, a story that is sadly far too relevant to the modern world.”

Remember the venue, date and time: Conna Hall, Friday May 19, 8.15pm. Tickets at the door.