Roundhouse Productions presents 'Katie Mag'


Roundhouse Productions presents ‘Katie Mag’

Roundhouse Productions proudly presents ‘Katie Mag’, previously titled ‘Magazine’ at The Everyman, Cork.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013
10:56 AM GMT

Roundhouse Productions proudly presents ‘Katie Mag’ at The Everyman, Cork from Tuesday 9th to Friday, 12th of April at 8pm. Previously titled ‘Magazine’, this play has toured Kilworth in Autmum 2011, now ‘Katie Mag’ is taking to the stage of The Everyman.

The play explores love, friendship and grief. ‘Katie Mag’ is a fast paced dramatic conquest, while its poetic voice is both startling and liberating. ‘Katie Mag’ started off its Ireland and UK tour during the Collaborations Festival 2013, which took place in February at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin. 

Katie is the odd one out, a cast aside loner. Until she meets Mag. Mag wants to put the world in her pocket, her ambition is contagious and Katie is addicted to it. Events change everything and friendship turns to hatred and horror… until one day Katie receives a phone call that sets everything in a new spin. Roles are reversed and the blame shifts – in the turbulence of which, Katie must battle the demons of her past- if she wants to be free . . .? ‘Katie Mag’ is about how mixed feelings can become dangerous and harmful to those we love, and ourselves.

“If you here of ‘Katie Mag’ playing in a theatre near ya, one word of advice – go see it. Ok, that’s three, but ya get the idea!” – Barry McSkeane

To book, phone 021-4501673.

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