REVIEW: Peugeot 508 Diesel

After driving electric cars on consecutive weeks during the month of May, June has been more of a ‘diesel month’ for me. I drove the diesel version of the impressive Opel Sports Tourer which was giving me a range with a full tank of approximately 900km.

But last week’s Peugeot 508 diesel is definitely my number one for range so far in 2024. When I picked up the car in Sandyford last Monday the range was 1,000km, yes one thousand kilometres. Now there is only one word for that, bliss. So definitely no ‘range anxiety’ for me last week as I drove the revamped 508.

Peugeot began production of their 508 in 2010 as an indirect replacement for the 407 and 607. A second generation was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2018 and last year this comfortable saloon got a revamp.

It’s now a really a classy looking motor. My test car came in an Eclipse Blue colour which was very discreet colour, but also attractive.

The 1.5-litre diesel engine is very quiet and you definitely won’t have to make many pit stops.

At the front you now have the new Peugeot ‘Shield’ logo and you also get an attractive grille.

When you roll down the front windows you get a frameless look on both doors, which adds to the overall sporty look of the car.

Inside the dash is dominated by seven silver toggles, let’s call them the magnificent seven. The controls are easy to use and there is a column that separates the driver and front seat passenger. That column has cubby holes that can hold drinks, keys, pens etc.

There are three drive modes: normal, sport and eco, which would probably get you over the one thousand kilometre mark.

In the back seat there is ample room for three well-built adults. And if you only have two back-seat passengers they can fold down the middle section which has cubby holes for drinks.

Officially the boot space is 487 litres, but if you need to carry bulky items, you can get much more space if you fold down the back seat. Peugeot were always noted for having a proper spare wheel, but not this time.

My only small complaint is that the interior was a bit dark. The only bright colours in the interior were the seats which were grey with white stitching. The roofline was also black, which didn’t help. However, I realise this is the look that the designer wanted; I just happen to like bright interiors in cars.

We hear talk of more and more drivers switching to SUV’s, but this is a classy saloon that will give you as much luxury as any SUV. The 508 is not a game-changer, but a car that will cater for motorists who may not be fond of SUV’s and crossovers yet still want something different.

Prices start at €46,495. Road tax is €210. Have a test drive, with a range of 1,000km, you won’t run out of road.

The 508 is made in Rennes for the European market. The French manufacturer say they will only offer electric cars after 2030, but hopefully we will be ‘sucking diesel’ for a few more years.