Tony Walsh, Jim O'Leary (grand-nephew), Mary White, Eddie Walsh, Francis O'Sullivan, William Hughes (former Mayor of Fermoy) and Diarmaid Ó Cadhla at a wreath laying ceremony in Killeagh to the memory of patriots Robert Brown and his two sisters Elizabeth and Bina.

A wreath laying ceremony took place in Killeagh on Thursday, June 16 to commemorate the lives of three locals who stood in the ‘Bearna Baoghal’ for  Ireland when it was needed.

The names of Robert, Eilís and Gobnait Brown are inscribed on a gravestone erected by their friends in the Republican movement in 1968.

The family were active since the 1916 period and maintained their loyalty to the Republic right through the Civil War until they died.

Their lives were marked by unselfish loyalty to Ireland and love of Irish culture and in particular the language.

Grandnephew Jim O’Leary, laid a wreath in a ceremony accompanied by the national flag, some poetry readings and the singing of Amhrán na bhFiann.