Fermoy Municipal Authority say it has arranged for a contractor to carry out repair works at the playground in Fermoy Town Park, due to the ‘general wear’ of some of the more popular equipment there.

Parts of the playground have been cordoned off for a number of weeks awaiting repairs.

Municipal District Officer, Pauline Moriarty, said a contractor would be employed ‘to carry out a few repairs in the playground this week’. She added: “The cause is general wear given the nature of the equipment and the fact that they are the most trafficked areas.”

Cllr Noel McCarthy said he hoped that repairs would be carried out as soon as possible, as the playground is especially popular with children and families during the summer months.

“A lot of people were on to me when they saw it was closed during the triathlon last weekend. It’s a great facility for people so hopefully these repairs can be carried out without delay and people can get back to enjoying the playground fully.”