A public march is being held in Fermoy this Saturday, September 14 at noon, to highlight the public feeling on the deterioration of the Blackwater weir in the town and the level of upset and frustration being felt by the townspeople. 

Local businessman David Ryan is one of the leaders of the march alongside Dr Tom Cavanagh, William Hughes, Helen White and Dr Joe Moran. 

“I’ve never seen the river the way it is now. We have always had the fast flowing Blackwater and my genuine fear is that if we get a dry summer next year we will be left with a stream,” said Mr Ryan. 

“All we are asking is for people of all interests to come out for an hour and join in the march, which is purely a walk to show our concern,” he added. 

The walk begins at 12 noon from three areas of the town – north, east and south – with all groups converging on Kent Bridge. Following the march, a number of speeches will be undertaken. 

Route 1, led by David Ryan, leaves from Aldi on the Dublin Road; Route 2 leaves from Toss Bryans on the Tallow Road led by Helen White and Route 3 leaves from Cavanagh’s Garage on Cork Road, led by William Hughes, Dr Tom Cavanagh and Dr Joe Moran. 

“My interest lies in the aesthetics of the town and the knock-on effect it could have on nearby scenic villages such as Ballyhooly and Castletownroche if the river level continues to drop,” Mr Ryan told The Avondhu.

Show your support on Saturday.