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Members of the public are being warned to be mindful of the continuing high incidences of scam calls, which now appear to be coming from landline numbers as well as mobile numbers.

This week, a Mitchelstown resident reported received calls from numbers with the prefix 053 – generally the prefix for Wexford numbers.

When answered, the message received was “This message is from Department of Social Protection. Your details or PPS number have been compromised.” Usually, the recipient of the call is then advised to press a number to speak to someone further in relation to the matter.

People are continuing to fall victim to these highly sophisticated scam calls, and the Gardaí have issued warnings and advice on how to deal with such calls.


Gardaí have advised people to hang up the phone if possible, not to engage with the caller, not return the call, and not to follow the automated instructions, such as pressing specific numbers as the caller may request.

The gardaí or the Department of Social Protection will never contact anyone through call or text looking for personal informaion.

“Whilst the scammers may change their stories and methods, their goal is always the same. They want to access your sensitive information and get their hands on your money,” a Garda statement read.

If you believe you have fallen victim to this scam, contact your financial institution and report the matter to local Gardaí.