While there is a spattering of public seating available in Fermoy, there are calls for more seating to be installed within the main shopping thoroughfare in the town, especially along Patrick Street, Pearse Square and MacCurtain Street.

A reader this week highlights a dissatisfaction amongst the elderly over the lack of public seating, though The Avondhu understands that the Fermoy Forum have sought funding and permission for new street furniture within the town centre.

In a letter to the newspaper, Fermoy resident Sheila Smyth expressed her frustration over the absence of public seating on the main streets.

“Daily in the town of Fermoy one sees people, young and old, standing chatting on the busy main street. This is Ireland; we love to talk, to exchange news, to catch up with old friends. What could be nicer? Unfortunately, there is nowhere one can sit to enjoy all this socialising or even to have a few minutes rest after an hour’s shopping, for this part is sadly lacking in seats.”

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