On Saturday last, as people gathered in Mitchelstown to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising in 1916, there were a number of items on display in the exhibition at Mitchelstown Leisure Centre, but one particular item stuck out for many as being quite extraordinary.

This was the 2016 Irish proclamation which was written by Ms Barry’s fourth class pupils in CBS Primary Mitchelstown.

2016 Proclamation for Ms. Barry's 4th Class

The boys set out their vision for Ireland and just as was done by the signatories 100 years ago, they all signed it at the bottom.

In their proclamation, the boys recognised the sacrifice of the men, women and children of 1916 and they also set out their vision for the Ireland of the future.

In their future Ireland, every school would have proper buildings and no prefabs; there would be more staff and more wards in the health system; homelessness would be eradicated; everyone would be treated equally; there would be more gardai and people would make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint.