Preschool open day well attended in Fermoy

QUALITY TIME: Relaxing in the comfortable surroundings of Fermoy Community Preschool at last Sunday's open day, were the Lee family from Clondulane - Joyce, Stephen, Maggie and Darragh. (Pic: John Ahern)

Houses mean people, people mean babies and babies mean childcare. Fermoy Community Preschool is one of the town’s most established childcare centres and on Sunday morning last, adults and their young children were invited to drop in, inspect facilities and chat to staff. This they did in very significant numbers.


An atmosphere has to be created and staff at Fermoy Community Preschool pride themselves on creating a warm, inviting and caring atmosphere. Those small, cute looking people are the focus of their attention and it doesn’t take these preschoolers long to work out that this is a fun place to be.

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