Poor finish for Fermoy in 2017 Anti-Litter Challenge

Fermoy representatives, Frances Linehan and Michael Bennett, pictured at the Cork County Council Litter Challenge Awards 2017 at County Hall in the presence of Chief Executive Cork County Council, Tim Lucey and Cllr. Declan Hurley, Mayor of Cork County Council. (Picture: Gerard McCarthy)

Fermoy’s final round score of 900.9 points out of 1,000 was its lowest score from the three rounds of judging in 2017; in round one the town scored 927.7 points and followed this up with 956.5 points in round two.

The town’s third round score was the lowest points tally in the B1 category and the second lowest of the towns across categories A, B1 and B2; Passage West scored 851.8 points in the third round to finish in last place in the A category.

The final round of judging for Fermoy took place in early June, with 10 areas around the town assessed on the number of cigarette butts and the number of items of ordinary litter.

The maximum number of points a town can achieve is 1,000; one point will be docked for each item of ordinary litter found in each area and a further point will be lost for every 10 cigarette butts found.

Six areas within the town centre were judged; the highest and best scoring area was from Spillane’s Butcher’s to AIB, which scored 94.6 points; the lowest scoring area was from Ulster Bank to The Grand Hotel, which scored 83.3 points, with 16 items of ordinary litter and seven cigarette butts noted.

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