Now is the time to get ahead of those winter heating bills with Mitchelstown Credit Union

Mitchelstown Credit Union CEO Colin Irwin. (Photograph by John Kelly)

Irish homeowners have been warned by numerous energy industry experts to prepare themselves for further energy price inflation over the winter months.

This comes in a context when energy prices for households in Ireland are already almost 50% higher than 12 months ago. Mitchelstown Credit Union is working with its members through their Greenify loan product, a green home energy upgrade brand, to help them get ahead of these rising costs.

Speaking on behalf of Greenify, Colin Irwin, CEO of Mitchelstown Credit Union, said: “Now is the time to get ahead of those winter heating and energy bills. At Mitchelstown Credit Union, we understand the need to support our members to invest in home energy upgrades before the weather starts to change over the months ahead. With Greenify, a specialised home energy upgrade finance option for homeowners, we are offering flexible unsecured loans of up to €50,000.”


A Greenify loan can be used for the specific purpose of upgrading a home’s energy efficiency, meeting energy reduction targets, or improving the house’s Building Energy Rating. Homeowners in Mitchelstown Credit Union common bond are encouraged to consider the benefits that new doors or windows, internal or external insulation, a new heat pump system or solar panels could play in making their homes warmer this winter.

Colin, added: “The Greenify loan is a win-win for our members. The projects that we are supporting through this loan are good for the environment, but they are also good for the pockets of our members. With the loan covering the cost of projects like the installation of solar panels, very quickly our members can start to see the return on their investment.”


Over the last 12 months, every one of the major energy suppliers in Ireland have increased their rates by double digits. Amid these rising energy prices, it is important for homeowners to actively take steps to reduce their energy consumption, where appropriate, while also looking at energy efficiency opportunities within their homes.

Commenting further, Colin said: “Coming towards the end of the summer, we know that our members are starting to think about how they can afford to heat their house over the winter months. As part of their approach, we are supporting members who are looking to proactively make their homes more energy efficient. A home energy upgrade now can have a significant positive impact on their bills over the winter months.

“For any homeowner who wants to find out more about how to access a Greenify loan, they can call into any one of our offices, go to local website on or call 025-24800.”