‘No crib for a bed’ for Fermoy Men’s Shed

The Crib, commissioned and funded by the Northern Lights Committee in Fermoy and built and erected by the members of Fermoy Men's Shed. (Photo courtesy: Pat Mahon)

Once again, the familiar nativity scene has appeared opposite Shinnick’s Spark at the top of Barrack Hill in Fermoy.

The crib, commissioned and funded by the Northern Lights committee in Fermoy, was erected by members of Fermoy Men’s Shed, who made the crib and continue to maintain it over the years.

While the town as far as Brian Boru Square lit up on November 20, the Northern Lights committee, which is powered off a different network comprising of private volunteers and business people, held off until Monday as a mark of respect following the passing of local man, Seamus Higgins.

Normally switching on with major celebrations, Fermoy Men’s Shed member Pat Mahon said this year was ‘totally different’, and not just because of the lights.

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