As businesses look to return after the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, a new off-the-shelf product that can sterilise a vehicle interior in a matter of minutes is set to revolutionise the fleet, vehicle rental and used car trade.

Sany Car is a portable device that uses ozone gas to sanitise vehicles in minutes, with a cost per treatment as low as £0.93 per vehicle.

Used by businesses across Europe and endorsed by many car manufacturers, it has the backing of the Red Cross as well as national police forces and authorities.

Manufactured by a company called Sanity System and offered in the UK by vehicle history experts MotorCheck it is a single-box solution that doesn’t require any specialist training or the use of protective clothing.

Employing ozone gas to envelope the vehicle’s interior, every surface is treated in a uniform procedure.

Powered by a standard 13-amp or car cigarette lighter socket, it can be placed inside any vehicle and can complete the sterilisation to a medical grade standard within 22 to 44 minutes depending on size.

The medical grade device generates a specifically calibrated amount of ozone to eradicate bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

Once the operation cycle has been completed the unit reprocesses the ozone back into oxygen so the vehicle can be used immediately.

The nature of the treatment means that there is no chemical residue, and because the amount of ozone used is carefully measured, it will not damage the vehicle’s fabrics, trim or electrics.

Shane Teskey, Co-Founder of MotorCheck, said: “Hygiene issues and specifically sanitisiation during the Covid-19 crisis have understandably become hugely important especially in vehicle repair, retail and fleet operations. The Sany Car solution provides a highly effective, highly dependable system with total peace of mind.

“Rather than rely on the hit-and-miss approach of employing cleansing solutions that require contact and use harmful chemicals, users and customers can rest assured that the work has been carried out in a sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion.”

Wide range of applications

The aim is to provide assurance for users and customers keen to understand that their car has been professional sterilised.

Offering a quick and effective way of cleansing the interior of any vehicle, without resorting to chemical treatment, the Sany Car can be incorporated into the preparation process of any business or workshop.

It has a wide range of applications, from use after maintenance or bodywork repair to cleaning hire vehicles between users.

Eliminating bacteria, dust mites and even odours, Sany Car can be employed in cleaning fleet and multi-user vehicles.

Each Sany Car system comes with a certificate that can be displayed in a customer reception or dealership and users can certify each treatment they provide.

“The business benefits of Sany Car are clear, and it offers a real plus point for companies working to re-establish trust with users and customers alike. The low cost per job, and the ease at which it can be used, make it extremely profitable,” explains Teskey.

Each unit treats approximately 1,500 vehicles and contains internal consumable materials that deplete over time.

When the machine reaches the end of its life a replacement machine will be shipped to the customer.

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