Valerie Lee, a designer maker/mixed media artisan with over thirty years of experience in design led crafts has set up base in Lismore.

She is currently renovating Cahill's old flower shop in Lismore with plans to create a gallery and workshop space in the near future.

Having trained in fine art painting, Valerie’s craftsmanship has evolved and developed throughout the years. Valerie ran her own business in Cork for ten years where she also taught art and design-based craft in the College of Commerce and elsewhere before returning to her home town of Drogheda to care for her father.

Valerie moved to Lismore in February and has been working hard on new ideas, all the while working on the renovations of Cahill's shop. When brainstorming a design project for a client in Dublin, Valerie came across some dolls made from clothes pegs which she had crafted twenty years previously. In that moment, she thought: “I’d like to do something with angels for her.”

From there, Valerie began developing handcrafted angels made from clothes pegs, recycled fabrics, wool and mixed media including fabric from a 1950s ballgown and a 1960’s jumpsuit.

These limited edition angels are intended as a design-led Christmas decoration but for Valerie they represent something more. “It's nice to think you have a guardian angel. These little angels are a reminder that we have that support in our lives,” said Valerie.

Although Valerie was initially designing the angels for sale as individual pieces, it soon became apparent to her that they would work better as a set of thirty and would be ideal as Christmas tree decorations or as a visual piece of wall art.

For more information or to place an order, please contact Valerie at or phone 086-7768966.