Mitchelstown market day – an outsider’s view

The weekly market in Mitchelstown, which attracts many into town every Thursday.

by Orlaith Merritt TY student

Every Thursday at New Square, Mitchelstown, there is a market that sells anything from clothing to garden décor, etc. Several stallholders attend every week and in addition, one might find individuals selling from the backs of their cars.

Markets like these may noy be the best space to make loads of money, but it can be useful in getting rid of any unwanted clutter. The title ‘Car boot sale’ comes from the simple fact that the items that you’re buying are all coming from the salesperson’s car boot. The appeal for sales like these is how you can find hidden gems in what can be seen by others as trash and out-dated.

Walking around these markets can bring a sense of nostalgia, if your parents had to drag you around to one when you were just a kid. There is something retro about buying items from eras like the ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s and even the 2000s. It really does depends on if you have a taste for something vintage.

Sellers usually have to pay a small fee for their pitch at these gatherings. But it’s all worth it if you have been hoarding things in your house or garage that you realise you haven’t use for and can help find them a new home.

It is also a good way of making some well needed money. And de-cluttering your house can be a mentally calming and freeing experience.


In my experience, the best things you can find at sales like these are the DVDs and books.

There’s really a simple joy in finding an old vintage cover to a book. Or the pleasure of finding a box set of your favourite show for as little as €3. Or even finding a new pair of clothes that can become your favourite outfit.

They are also environmentally friendly, as you are giving away items for reuse instead of just throwing them out. It can help the environment by limiting the waste we make by throwing out unwanted items, it’s basically an easy form of recycling. Owning less is the best way for us to be environmentally friendly.

In my opinion as a non-resident of the town, I see the market as a charming small local event that really seems to brings its community together.