Mitchelstown homeowner left in the dark after building collapse

The house at 51 Upper Cork Street (on right). (Picture: Marian Roche)

While most of Mitchelstown wonders what exactly is going on with the half-collapsed house on 49 Upper Cork Street, it can be assumed that those directly affected would be kept abreast of developments. However, that is not the case, as alleged by the owner of 51 Upper Cork Street.

The dark-orange house that is two doors down from the derelict and boarded-up building is belonging to Angela Riemensperger, and since July 7th  last year, she is equally in the dark about the status of her house, as is the man on the street.

Her house is one of three on the terrace, and is adjoining number 50. While the owners of numbers 49 and 50 were served with legal notices regarding their properties, Angela was not.

Speaking with The Avondhu from Austria, Ms Rimensperger told how she has been in contact with the council for the last 13 months, but to no avail.

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