Mike's Tyre Centre, Fermoy celebrates 3 very successful years trading


Mike’s Tyre Centre, Fermoy celebrates 3 very successful years trading

Mike Moorehouse started out 3 years ago with a plan to establish a tyre centre that would offer the public real value for money and 3 years on he hasn’t deviated much from that stand point.

Monday, 15 April 2013
12:00 AM GMT

Mike Moorehouse started out 3 years ago with a plan to establish a tyre centre that would offer the public real value for money and 3 years on he hasn't deviated much from that stand point.
The last 3 years haven't been easy on any business, large or small, as unfortunately, the number of vacant premises around Fermoy tells its own story.
Mike has had to work extremely hard to get this far and this week he marks his third business anniversary with a substantial feature in The Avondhu. Obviously enough, the intention is to promote 'Mike's Tyre Centre' and drum up a bit of extra trade. To date he hasn't been doing badly at all but he's also using the feature to say a sincere word of thanks to his many customers.
"Customers are what it's all about and it's a case of looking after them. In fairness, people have been very good to me and they keep coming back time after time, which is really great," Mike says as he takes time out from his hectic schedule.
Cars, vans, 4 x 4s, trucks, buses, tractors and all manner of vehicles are in and out of his Church Hill (near the Protestant church) workshop on a nearly continuous basis. They are all in need of his services and while many could quite easily go elsewhere, all prefer to deal with Mike and his team of hardworking son, Dean and the ever reliable, Denis Byrne. Together, they provide a service that is sometimes routine but sometimes absolutely essential. Unfortunately for the motorist, punctures will always rear their ugly heads - frequently at the most inconvenient time. Punctures need repairing and at this stage Mike and company have mended thousands.
Responsible motorists
Thankfully, the era of the 'baldy tyres' are well and truly over and nowadays motorists take a very responsible approach to the all-important pieces of rubber between their vehicles and the road. There's no doubt that this attitude has resulted in many lives being saved. Tyres come in all shapes and sizes and this is also reflected in the price tag. At Mike's Tyre Centre, all budgets are catered for and Mike is keenly aware that a lot of people are under pressure when it comes to replacing tyres.
"We go across the board from budget to premium. We try not to be too hard on people and always try our best for them," he says. And it's this attitude of 'trying his best' that has kept Mike's Tyre Centre ticking over nicely.
No doubt there are many people reading this article that will have dealt with Mike and because of the service being provided, they've no reason to go elsewhere.
Around the clock back-up
Having a 'blow out' is bad enough during daylight hours but after dark things can get much trickier. During the last 3 years, Mike or a member of his staff have headed out in darkness (and in all kinds of weather) to assist someone in need. Those individuals have been greatly relieved to see the distinctive black and yellow vans come to the rescue. The 24 hour breakdown service is part and parcel of Mike's service and hopefully it's something you won't need too often.
Free tracking with every 4 tyres purchased

Getting free tracking with every four tyres you purchase has proved to be a very popular offer and Mike is going to continue with it for the foreseeable future. It's another good deal that anyone considering changing their tyres should consider very seriously.
Don't forget the wheel alignment and balancing
Wheel alignment and balancing are aspects of motoring that shouldn't be overlooked so it makes perfect sense to let the experts take over. It's a very reasonable and quick procedure that will greatly enhance the driving experience.
Extra accessories

The motoring public are advised that Mike's Tyre Centre also stocks wiper blades, wheel trims and batteries.
Looking after the men of the soil
With a bit of luck the weather will pick up and those who live off the land will have things a bit easier. Mike Moorehouse is a good friend of the farming community and does a lot of business with farmers and agricultural contractors. He can supply any kind of tyre for any kind of tractor and what isn't in stock can be ordered very swiftly.
Easily accessible and no bother with parking
Mike's Tyre Centre on Church Hill is very easily acceessed and parking is never a problem.
Important numbers
Mike's contact details are at the top of this feature but it's no harm repeating them - the landline is 025-31706 and the mobile is 087-2626103.

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