April 20th – 26th 1917

At Midleton Quarter Sessions, the Grand Jury found a true bill in the case against Kate Frazer for the larceny of fowls from Gurrane, near Fermoy. Defendant, who was on bail, and did not appear, and on the application of Mr. Carroll, crown solicitor, a bench warrant was issued for her arrest and the recognisances of Mr Thomas Frazer and Mr Bath Sheehan in £5 each, were estreated and the case adjourned to Fermoy Sessions. At the same Midleton Sessions, transfers of licences were granted to Margaret Hoskins, Fermoy; Alice Landers, Mitchelstown; Kate O’Mahoney, Kildorrery; C. Ryan Jnr., Mitchelstown and Bridget Sheehan, Rockmills.

Lismore Board of Guardians passed resolutions of sympathy to Messrs. M. Feeney and J. Feeney, MCC, on the death of Miss H. Feeney. War bonuses of 4s per week were granted to the three recruiting officers and the assistant clerk.

Cork County Board met with the chairman reporting that at Carrignavar, a league competition had been started. Five teams entered and it was probable another would be added to that number. It was not stated whether this was hurling or football. The report was considered satisfactory. A vote of condolence was also passed to Mr. James Ryan (Castletownroche) on the death of his wife.

At the quarterly session of the Fermoy National Teachers’ Association, Mr. P. Barry, chairman, presided where the following resolution was passed unanimously: “That as it is now admitted on all sides that national teachers are wretchedly underpaid, we call for such a permanent increase in our salaries as will place us on an equality with our professional brethren across the channel, whose duties are in no wise more arduous or exacting than ours.”

In beautiful weather and before a good attendance, two GAA finals, hurling and football, were decided at Midleton. Fermoy beat Nils by 2 goals 1 point to 1 point for the possession of the Kelleher Shield in football, while Cove defeated Funcheon Vale by 9 goals 1 point to 6 goals 2 points in the final of the third division hurling championship.

Mitchelstown Great April Cattle Fair was set to be held on Friday 27th. Buyers and exporters from all leading centres would be in attendance and special railway facilities would be laid on.

Fermoy Board of Guardians passed a resolution protesting against the continuance of the Summer Time Act in Ireland. A resolution was also passed demanding equivalent treatment for Irish education. The Local Government Board referred back the question of complying with the rationing order. The guardians considered the scale as made out by the officials very fair and recommended the Local Government Board to have same adopted. The Local Government Board refused to sanction increases granted to officials in consequence of increased duties, owing to amalgamation of Mitchelstown Union and after a short discussion it was agreed that the matter be dealt with by a committee, their findings to be submitted to the next meeting.