Local people from Knockraha protesting back in January against EirGrid’s proposal, for a 700 MW power convertor within their local vicinity. (Picture: John Allen/Provision)

EirGrid announced last week that it would press ahead with further inspections of a site at Ballyadam, County Cork, to determine if a converter station for the Celtic Interconnector can be built there.

The decision to advance with the Ballyadam option suggests that a site in Knockraha, which was being touted as a possible spot for the station, is now off the table.

The decision was evidently influenced by widespread reaction in the locality of Knockraha, with EirGrid acknowledging that the Knockraha Environment Group ‘organised a campaign response which was received from 928 respondents’.

The group strongly opposed the possible development in the area, raising concerns across an array of issues including health and safety, noise pollution, visual impact and light pollution along with environmental impacts.

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