Kilworth man remembers Michael Collins 100 years on

Noel Scannell at home with just some of his impressive and extensive collection of books and research materials. (Picture: Marian Roche)

Kilworth man Noel Scannell is to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Michael Collins with the launch of his book on the subject, the product of almost a lifetime’s research and learning on the Cork leader and revolutionary.

For most people, what we know of Michael Collins is Liam Neeson’s portrayal in the 1996 Neil Jordan film, and the public can rest easy because even an expert like Noel admits he enjoyed it too!

Inviting The Avondhu to his home, Noel’s house is bursting with information. Walls and rooms hold a treasure trove of pictures, documents, newspapers, books and memorabilia that mark the events of the 1916 Rising, the Treaty signing, and the Civil War aftermath, with a special focus on the Clonakilty-born General Michael Collins.

Walking into the hallway one is immediately immersed in the world of Irish history with pictures and photographs, front pages of newspapers both original and copies, and signed books, first editions and otherwise.

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