It is said that teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world and most teachers in Ireland agree! Close to half (45%) say that becoming a teacher and working with young people was a vocation and something that they always knew they wanted to do. That’s according to new research of over 600 teachers in Ireland all about their important role.

Traditional subjects come out on top as the favourite subjects to teach to a class. Whilst it may be loathed by some students, Maths is the subject teachers most like to teach (25%), followed by English (19%) and Irish (13%).

When asked what subject teachers would most like to see added to the curriculum, 15% of teachers chose Mindfulness as a subject they would like to see practiced in schools, saying it would be of benefit to students to help them deal with daily stress.


It seems that teachers in Ireland are very virtuous people with almost 1 in 3 (30%) agreeing that patience is the single most important quality for a teacher to have. According to the poll, compassion is the second most important trait (16%), followed closely by empathy with 14% of the vote.

The survey was undertaken by gift card company, One4all.