The CoolCare device attached to a bulk tank.

CoolCare was set-up in 2017 as a sister company to Rea Refrigeration. After years of working with dairy farmers supplying their bulk tanks, the Rea Refrigeration team noticed constant issues with maintaining good milk quality.

This is how the idea of the CoolCare Milk Monitor device was invented. From here, the device was created to be attached to the bulk tank which in turn is connected to an app on the phone. The device would alert the farmer of any malfunction.

The CoolCare Milk Monitor can be retro fitted to any size or make bulk tank. It will take a reading of the bulk tank every 20 minutes and will only alert the farmer if there is a  critical issue e.g., milk tank not turned on, milk temperature too low etc.

The farmer will get a text message alerting them of the problem. This will give them enough time to fix the issue before the milk has turned sour and will need to be thrown out.


The device is connected to an app either on the phone or PC and is accessible online and/or offline. All data is stored on a cloud for the farmer to access.

There is very low maintenance in the device, and it is monitored by the CoolCare team with regular updates. In case of loss of electricity, the device has backup battery power life.

The CoolCare trial has been set-up for three and a half, four years. Herd sizes range from 50 to 200 cows. The trial consisted of farmers from all over Munster as well as Kilkenny, Carlow, Antrim and Wicklow.

This trial was to test the durability and sustainability of both the device and the app.

Since the CoolCare device, the company have ventured into Heat Recovery Units (HRU) and Chlorine Free Detergents and Descalers. The HRU are energy saving, sustainable and better for the environment. The heat energy is extracted from the milk as high as 45-55 degree Celsius. The volume can heat from 300-1,000 litres of water.

The water can then be heated up further by gas, oil or electricity. In an era of chlorine free detergents and efforts to reduce chemicals, the hotter the water for washing the more beneficial it is for the tank.

For further information, check out their website at or call 025-24813.