Enjoying last Saturday's very successful Michael John Shinnick Adventure Trail in Glanworth were, l-r: John Brennan Jr., Veronica Brennan, Attie Wilson and Marian Shinnick. (John Ahern)

What a day! As the sun burned off the early morning haze a beautiful blue sky was revealed and stayed with us until evening. So we gathered on the Village Green in Glanworth on Saturday, 10th September at 9am.

All the volunteers, helpers, parents, leaders, venturers, scouts, cubs and beavers played out their own part in an unbelievable show of solidarity and goodwill to turn ‘the green’ into a hive of activity for young and not so young.

Before long hospitality tents and barbecues, refreshments stands and entertainment centres began to appear as if out of nowhere.

There was even a campfire, in true scouting tradition! The ladies at the registration tables were soon ready to log the hundreds of participants heading their way.

The hike itself was a tremendous success and the helping hand of scouts and others, was always outstretched in places where the going was tough. It was back to the Village Green then for the festivities and refreshments.

The chefs at the barbecues were in full swing now with hundreds of burgers and hot dogs sizzling on the hot plates with all the dressings and sauces available nearby.

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