Tuesday March 15th was a very significant and memorable day in Curragahgalla National School.

As with all schools throughout Ireland, Curragahgalla National School commemorated the Proclamation Day with parents, grandparents, members of the Board of Management and local community personnel along with our invited special guest Mrs Hannah Scannell.

The school were delighted and privileged to welcome Mrs Scannell as a Guest-of-Honour. Mrs Scannell celebrated her 101st birthday in December and must be one of the oldest if not the oldest Irish citizen to raise the flag on Proclamation Day.

Indeed it was a very poignant scene to watch Mrs Scannell raise the flag aided by the youngest pupil Caoimhe Quigley and the oldest pupil Jamie Clancy.

With the flag flying high and the pupils all dressed in Green for the day as a testimony to our Irish heritage undeterred by the biting cold …

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