Galbally Horse Fair next Tuesday

Continuing a time-honoured tradition

Restored to the annual calendar of local events of interest and tradition ten years ago, the picturesque Limerick village of Galbally is in readiness for the annual influx of visitors, traders, horses and a range of produce, products and services for the eagerly looked forward to fair, to be held next Tuesday, October 11.

From late on Monday they will be gathering for this event, continuing a great local tradition, which has gone from strength to strength since being revived in 2006.

From horses to shrubs and everything in between will be bought and sold on the day with much bartering and craic, in the time-honoured way of our forebearers.

Get there early for the best bargains and to savour a very special Galbally fair day, bring your children and grandchildren to experience some of the old ways that have made us what we are.

Galbally is the place to be next Tuesday without a doubt.