Fresh outlooks and new people sought for MBA elections


Fresh outlooks and new people sought for MBA elections

A strong attendance at the Mitchelstown Business Association AGM heard of the need for continued new blood to ensure the success of the organisation going forward.

Thursday, 14 March 2013
5:00 PM GMT

As the longstanding chairman, treasurer and secretary of the Mitchelstown Business Association (MBA) step down, new people with fresh outlooks and novel ideas are being sought to put themselves forward for the positions.

It emerged at the AGM this week that Eamonn O’Brien, Declan O’Connor and Eileen Casey will be taking a step back, as they are appealing for new people to get involved. Mr O’Brien said that everyone has a different opinion or thought and that the MBA is all about harvesting these ideas to make different projects and initiatives work for the business people of the town.

He added that this could be a good opportunity for new business people or those new to the MBA to get involved and said that they will be there to assist the new chairman, secretary and treasurer, to ensure that there is a smooth transition.

The AGM, which took place on Tuesday last in O’Callaghan’s Delicatessen, saw a good turnout with nearly 30 business people present and half of those will be attending another meeting after Easter to elect the new MBA officers and anyone else interested is welcome to come along.

One of the issues discussed at the meeting were the Christmas lights for 2012 and looking ahead to this year, a working group has been set up to bring ideas to the MBA and make sure that the funds for the Christmas lights are collected well in advance of the festive season.

The contributions, both small and large from different businesses last year was praised, as more than 90 businesses put some contribution towards the lights.


Speaking from the meeting, Mr O’Brien explained that there is a healthy balance left over from last year, and that the money for the lights will be ringfenced to ensure that the lights again enhance the town for the Christmas period.

Another topic which was reiterated was the importance of supporting businesses in town and the idea of shopping local was emphasised, while it was also said that business people need to support those in business near them.

Businesses in the town are also being inundated for sponsorship requests, so the business people are now asking that those who seek sponsorship will commit to giving something back to that business who supported them.

Details of the MBA meeting after Easter to elect the new officers will be announced in the coming weeks.

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