Irish Heart has announced a new partnership with The Irish Men’s Sheds Association which will see their nurse-led Mobile Health Unit provide free blood pressure checks to all members of the Association who wish to avail of the service in areas throughout the Cork region.

For more than 50 years Irish Heart has been committed to effecting positive change in people’s lifestyles to prevent heart disease and stroke, the number one cause of death in Ireland, and this partnership is key to reaching one of the most at-risk groups in Ireland – men.

The Irish Men’s Sheds Association is committed to encouraging its members to take better care of their health through a support network that allows them to take more of an interest in their own health and well-being and the partnership with Irish Heart further enhances these efforts by offering members easy and free access to dedicated and confidential services like a one-to-one with a health check nurse.

Already Irish Heart’s Mobile Health Unit has attended Men’s Shed’s cluster meetings in 11 counties and has provided free blood pressure checks for nearly 300 Men’s Sheds members, referring 42% of those tested on to their local GP for a follow-up.

As this partnership evolves, Irish Heart aims to offer free blood pressure tests to all members of the Irish Men’s Sheds Association and, in time, full heart health checks to all those who wish to avail of them.