PLEASANT DAY ON THE RIVER: Chris 'Kipper' O'Donovan and Cllr. Deirdre O'Brien pictured with members of Market Place Poetry Group who enjoyed a boat trip on the River Blackwater recently, l-r: Pat O'Connor, Paddy Byrne, Billy Murphy, Olive Corcoran, Cllr. Deirdre O'Brien, Maria Wood, Ita Dempsey, Mo O'Connor and wheelie boat captain, Chris O'Donovan. (Pic: John Ahern)

There are different way in which one can be inspired but recently, two groups from the Market Place poetry circle took to the River Blackwater to find inspiration for future writings, courtesy of Chris ‘Skipper’ O’Donovan and his wheeley boat.

Chris threw up some wonderful stories on the river’s history and the group will be keenly looking forward to their next meeting to see what the outcome will be in terms of new poems being crafted.

Chris told his crerw all about Joyce’s boreen and its connection with James Joyce and of how Sir Alfred Hitchcock who, as a soldier, and kept guard on the banks of the river may have got his inspiration for his epic film ‘The Birds’.

He regaled them with the story of Glenabo and the sacred cow that once lived there and of how Fionn MacCumhaill was sent for, to kill the monster that was stealing the cow’s milk.

This was a trip well worth the €7. What a lovely way to spend some time on the lovely Blackwater. The trip comes highly recommended.

They poetry group members were joined on the trip by Cllr Deirdre O’Keeffe who gave Chris a very good hearing regarding the various concerns that he has about the river.