Fermoy Town Council to host civic reception for new Bishop


Fermoy Town Council to host civic reception for new Bishop

The Avondhu has learned that Fermoy Town Council are awaiting confirmation on a date for a civic reception, for the new bishop of Cloyne, Bishop William Crean.

Thursday, 14 March 2013
8:15 AM GMT

The new Bishop of Cloyne, Bishop William Crean, is to be afforded a civic reception by Fermoy Town Council, The Avondhu has learned. It was agreed to issue the invitation to the new bishop at a special meeting of Fermoy Town Council held recently. While no date has been set for the reception, the invitation has been extended and the town council is awaiting word on an available date from the Bishop’s palace.

Bishop Crean was ordained at St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh on Sunday, January 27th. He was appointed to replace Dr. John Magee, who stepped down in 2010 after it was found he had not followed proper child protection procedures in the Cloyne diocese.

At the time of his appointment, Bishop Crean said he was renewing his commitment to continue the work of healing and reconciliation necessary in the diocese, while acknowledging that it will take time, patience and understanding.

A motion put forward by Fianna Fail Councillor Kevin O’Keeffe to Cork County Council to host a civic reception for the new bishop after he was ordained, failed to win support on the grounds that it wasn’t usual practice and that, instead, new mayors, when they are appointed, have a tradition of calling to visit the bishop and other senior clergy.

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