Fermoy ‘full of kindness’ rally told

A selection of pro immigrant messages on display at last Saturday's rally in Fermoy. (Picture: John Ahern)

Motivated to correct what they viewed as the ‘misrepresentation’ of Fermoy following a recent anti-immigrant protest in the town, a 300 strong crowd gathered outside ChristChurch last Saturday morning in a show of support for immigrants/refugees. 

Keynote speaker and one of the event organisers, Kate O’Connell, said ‘outside agitators’ were responsible for this ‘misrepresentation’. 

“The protest (outside St. Joseph’s Convent) was not organised by local people, it was organised by those who want to sow division and spread hate, a combination of outside agitators and social media were responsible for projecting an image of Fermoy as being unwelcoming. My message here this morning is that Fermoy welcomes refugees, welcomes asylum seekers and welcomes people of colour,” she said. 

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