A number of businesses in Fermoy were forced to temporarily close their doors on Monday following a major power outage in the town.

Almost 50 ESB customers were affected, with AIB and Vodafone among the businesses who closed their doors. ESB said the outage was caused by an overhead line fault.

The overhead line outside Slattery Travel in Pearse Square was repaired by ESB crews as garda personnel managed the traffic situation in the centre of the town.

In a statement ESB Networks said: “At approximately 10.30am on Monday 7 November, there was a power outage on the Main Street and Tallow Street (sic) areas of Fermoy. 49 customers were affected by this outage, which was due to an overhead line fault.

“ESB Networks crews were immediately dispatched and restored power to all affected customers by 12.30pm. ESB Networks apologies for any inconvenience this outage may have caused.”

A businessman affected by the outage said they were closed for approximately two and a half hours but credited the ESB staff for their good co-operation while the power was gone.

“We rang them and they were helpful. The team outside were very good also to keep us in the loop and they made sure everything was up and running after the power was restored. Thankfully this is a rare occurrence,” he said.

A commentator of social media said: “Saw it on fire. Very lucky it not worse, well done ESB and emergency services.