The Anglesboro Drama Group (left) finished their four night run of ‘The Famine’ by Tom Murphy in their local community hall Sunday night.

We had over 800 people attend our production so a huge thank you to our audience members for supporting our drama group, it is very much appreciated each year but especially this year.

We selected to perform ‘The Famine’ play this year as a way to commemorate 1916 as it is our interpretation that The Famine was the catalyst that would kick start events that would ultimately lead to the 1916 Rising.

When selecting the play, we really did not fully understand the challenge it would present – a mammoth task with a cast of 20 adults in addition to 9 children and 12 scene changes.

However, our talented director Maureen Walsh, knew from the outset what she wanted to achieve and worked tirelessly to achieve her vision.

Her creativity on set, lights and sound and her direction to actors and crew enabled us to present a professional and skilled acting drama over four nights. Her dedication and hard work truly paid off.

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