Extra gullies earmarked after locals experience flooding

Flooding on New Street, Tallow, pictured after a heavy rainfall. John O'Sullivan's business, which was flooded, is located on the right. (Photo courtesy: John Pratt)

Although Active Travel works are commencing in Tallow, local councillor John Pratt has requested that further works to New Street take place alongside these works, following incidents of flooding.

Two weeks ago, a business located on New Street, Kelpex Displays run by local man John O’Sullivan, fell victim to flooding, something he claims is reoccurring.

John, whose home is also located on New Street, said that the issue is one that has occurred a number of times over the past ten or twelve years.

“There seems to be an issue with drainage of water on the street. There are possibly four gulleys on the whole street and they don’t seem to be able to take the water. It only happens when there is torrential rain and the drains fill up, including a gully I have connected from the workshop.

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