EPA finds improvements at Ballyguyroe Landfill site

A recent visit by the EPA to the Ballyguyroe Landfill Site has reported that ‘good progress’ has been made by Cork County Council in relation to management issues at the site, and that a “qualified and competent Facility Manager has been assigned to the landfill” that has “sufficient knowledge of landfill operations, the EPA licence, and the general reporting requirements of the EPA.”

As far back as October 2020, the EPA had highlighted issues with the facility management at Ballyguyroe, with the council admitting that the landfill was not supervised at all times by someone suitable, saying it was due to the landfill’s rural location.

Legal action was initiated in March this year by the EPA. The council pleaded guilty to the charge of not having a suitable person managing the site, as well as charges relating to excessive emissions of methane and carbon dioxide, high leachate levels, and that contaminated surface water was discharged into the River Farahy catchment.

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