A local activist has said that drug problems are not just confined to cities, stressing that they are a real issue for rural towns too.

Timmy White from Mitchelstown, known locally as ‘The Rancher’, said he could pick out a young girl or boy in the middle of the day, walking down the main street of Mitchelstown who is on drugs.

“I believe that there is not a home in the town that drink and drugs has not effected.”

“If we are to tackle drug and alcohol abuse we need to educate children in their early teens, through showing them realistic graphics of the consequences of substance abuse. Showing these images to young people is what needs to be done to prevent the drug abuse that is destroying towns such as Mitchelstown,” he went on.

In tandem with the graphics, he said, young teenagers should be receiving talks on the devastating consequences of substance abuse from people who have experienced it first hand and been through rehabilitation.

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