Dolphin spotted in River Bride

Many outdoor enthusiasts may be used to spotting a trout or a salmon along the River Bride locally, however, this week a more unusual sighting was reported.

Just a few miles from Tallow Bridge, a dolphin was spotted by kayakers Jack Murphy, Neamh Dempsey, Mike Condon and Eoin Tobin.

Donnchadh Mulcahy of the East Cork West Waterford Kayaking group, who work closely with the Tallow and Ballynoe game preservation association, said that they had been informed of the sighting by the kayakers who spotted the dolphin initially and went on to inform local councillors and appropriate groups. 

“We’ve never seen dolphins that far up the River Bride before, it could have been in distress or following food. It was spotted maybe 2 kilometres from Tallow Bridge,” he said.

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