The loss of the car park to the rear of the now closed Lismore Hotel is having a damaging effect on businesses in Lismore and will cause difficulties during the summer months, ‘especially when the town hosts events such as Immrama’, Cllr John Pratt said this week.

He called for Waterford City & County Council to do all they can to secure a lease on the car park, which has been blocked by concrete barriers since the closure of the hotel.

Cllr Pratt was speaking at this week’s meeting of Dungarvan/Lismore Municipal Authority. “There used to be a lease agreement in place going back maybe 20 years, it’s gone with a while now.

“The businesses are finding that the car parking situation in Lismore, even at this time of year, has become more difficult and it’s probably going to get worse with the likes of Immrama and the festivals that they have in Lismore,” he said.

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