Over 1,000 adults in Ireland have been surveyed on their awareness of Black Friday and their thoughts on the holiday, with 36% of those surveyed feeling that retailers who do Black Friday promotions may be a bit desperate for business.

Black Friday has turned into one of the single biggest shopping days in the US and other countries worldwide, a day when retailers cut prices to the bone on certain products to generate a boost in sales.

The survey found that over half (55%) of respondents would have probably bought the particular goods anyway, without the Black Friday discounts.

Over half (59%) of all adults don’t think Black Friday is an important day and for 53%, the day itself is not an important date in their shopping calendar.

However, 22% are planning on buying their Christmas gifts during Black Friday and 35% feel the promotions make it easier to afford particular gift purchases before Christmas.

The nationwide survey, conducted by iReach, also found that 67% agree that the day is just a gimmick designed to boost sales for things people don’t need.