Club prepares for Ring of Kerry charity cycle


Club prepares for Ring of Kerry charity cycle

Cyclists attached to Kilbehenny Cycling Club are on the road, training for the upcoming Ring of Kerry cycle.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013
9:17 AM GMT

John Clancy’s mother, Kitty, celebrated her birthday recently in the company of some members of Kilbehenny Cycling Club - Kitty is 96 years young. A great night was had by all, congratulations to Kitty and her family.

A large group attended our first Wednesday evening cycle and again last Sunday. Please note for now our Wednesday evening cycle starts at 6.30pm and Sunday morning 10am at Kilbehenny Community Centre.


A number of our club members this year are committing themselves to do the famous Ring of Kerry cycle. The Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle now in its 30th year, is the biggest one day charity fundraising event in Munster, attracting thousands of leisure cyclists who will experience a fun and rewarding days cycling, completing 112 miles of the spectacular Ring of Kerry, while at the same time fundraising for charity.

To date, the Ring of Kerry Cycle has raised over €5.7 million for charities. The cycle is not a race or even a mild competition. It is however 112mls (179km sounds longer!) and a serious challenge for anybody considering getting in shape for the summer. It is easily achievable by a non-cyclist starting in spring and "getting out for a few miles".

Complete beginners should consider the following points or any new members who would like to join our club should be aware that we have an excellent training schedule in place for people who have very little experience in cycling and we also have a great schedule for seasoned members.

Our normal cycling routes will be in place – Group A fast challenging cycle, Group B – challenging but at a steady pace and Group C – leisurely cycle. For further details contact Tom 087 - 2683587

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