Citroën reveals versatile all-new C3 Aircross

Citroën has unveiled the first images of all-new C3 Aircross, which shares the same design identity as new C3 announced in October of last year. With plenty of space and onboard comfort, as well as the ambition to shake up the market with a very competitive pricing positioning – both models are based on the same Smart Car platform allowing powertrain flexibility and cost efficiency.

All-new C3 Aircross undergoes a radical change and enters a new era by adopting a more assertive character, more interior space with up to 7 seats, an expanded range of powertrain options all while boasting the same level of onboard comfort.

A modern and coherent design, all-new C3 Aircross incorporates Citroën’s new design language, heavily inspired by the Oli concept and brought to life by new C3. All-new C3 Aircross undergoes a radical change in attitude, transitioning from a model emphasising roundness and kindness to one that, without being aggressive, exudes a more angular, muscular, and assertive style. C3 Aircross embraces its SUV typology with a high and horizontal hood, proudly displaying the new Citroën logo and adopting the characteristic lighting signature in 3 luminous segments.

Its style also highlights quality and attention to detail by incorporating the chevron pattern on certain elements. Citroën will offer a two-tone roof on the model, enlivening C3 Aircross with punctual colour accents such as the additional colour clips present on the bumper and quarter panel, which the owner can change as they wish.

All-new C3 Aircross now reaches a length of 4.39 meters, providing greater interior space. The balanced proportions of its silhouette hint at a very long wheelbase, the largest in its category – this allows for more legroom for rear passengers. The quarter panel provides a dynamic and vertical rear end, offering the ability to comfortably accommodate up to 7 people onboard with two foldable seats in the third row. C3 Aircross is full of tricks to make family life easier by offering great flexibility making it a truly easy-to-live-with SUV.

This new B SUV shares the Smart Car platform with the C3 hatchback, introduced by Citroën and designed from the start to optimally accommodate an electric offering. Thus, C3 Aircross will offer for the first time alongside a traditional combustion engine a hybrid option that facilitates access to electrification, showing the true adaptability of this type of silhouette. And to go further, an affordable all-electric powertrain produced in Europe will also be available.

The SUV silhouette of the C3 Aircross promises a raised ground clearance, more reassuring in driving, facilitating onboard access and favouring a high driving position that allows for better visibility. These elements contribute to the feeling of well-being on board, another signature of the C3 Aircross. Like the C3, the new C3 Aircross will highlight comfort and will have all the equipment and technologies expected by customers in this market.

In mid-2024, Citroën will fully unveil the new C3 Aircross, which has been completely reinvented to meet the expectations of families. It has a completely new dimension with powerful, assertive styling, more space on board and modularity with the capacity to accommodate up to 7 people, electrified offerings from hybrid to 100% electric, and comfort and connectivity on board.

Due to arrive in Ireland Q4 of 2024, more information about the all-new C3 Aircross will be shared closer to launch.