Appeal not to dive or swim at Knockananig Reservoir

Cllr Noel McCarthy appeals to the public not to swim at Knockananig Reservoir. (File pic)

An appeal is currently being made to locals, asking them to consider their safety first and not to dive at the popular local beauty spot, Knockananig Reservoir.

Local councillor Noel McCarthy spoke with The Avondhu this week, highlighting the dangers of swimming at the reservoir.

“The platform at the reservoir is blocked off and there are notices up saying that you can’t use the platform and that you can’t dive there, but people are still climbing over the fence and diving from the platform.

“I am appealing to people not to use the platform and not to swim there because it is dangerous,” Cllr McCarthy said.

It is understood that several members of the public have called for the platform at Knockananig reservoir to be opened to allow for public swimming in the area. However, Cllr McCarthy claims this cannot happen as opening the platform would encourage swimming and diving which is unsafe.

Other calls have requested the platform to be removed as it was claimed to be an ‘eyesore’.

“We can’t open the platform because it encourages people to use it and we can’t remove it because there are huge pipes underneath that can’t be taken away. It’s dangerous. It’s really a health and safety issue.

“The number of people diving there at the moment is definitely a worry. I’ve had numerous calls about it. People are climbing over the railings to access the platform and if someone falls there, they could do serious damage to themselves,” Cllr McCarthy said.