Another case of illegal dumping was reported to The Avondhu this week to add to the growing list in local areas.

A black bag full with rubbish was discarded on the outskirts of Mitchelstown on the Mallow Road with other miscellaneous items scattered around the roadside.

As volunteers work tirelessly to maintain the upkeep of the town, it is very disheartening for them to see their efforts go to waste, especially at this time of year, with judging for the Anti Litter Campaign already commenced and the Tidy Towns competition fast approaching.

Local community volunteer Kevin Finn said that fly tipping on our streets and laneways is a blot on the landscape and a cost to society and the environment and he has encouraged everyone to play a part in keeping Mitchelstown tidy.

“If each person in the house/building picked up just one item of litter a day outside their own or their neighbour’s premises, it would make life so much easier for the many volunteers who do a litter watch and pick-up on what are everyone’s streets.  Why not try it, contribute a little to society, it’s not too much to ask, and will have the added benefit of making our environment so much cleaner and making you feel so much better about your town.”

Mitchelstown currently sit third from bottom in their Anti Litter Campaign group after the first round of scores.