AMI, 100% electric mobility set of Irish debut

Since making its debut in 2020, Citroën AMI has been turning heads around the world. Citroën prides itself on innovation with bold, unexpected design solutions and Ami is no different as it aims to be a real breakthrough in the access to urban mobility.

AM I is a daring response to the challenges faced in today’s cities and urban environments with a 1 00% electric, zero-emissions mobility that provides a driving range of 75 kilometres and a top speed of 45km/h.

The Ami possesses a .5kWh battery, housed flat under the floor, that recharges in just three hours via the on-board electric cable located in the passenger-side doorway.

With Ami, Citroën has broken free of convention by creating an unusual design language. On the outside, Ami is well-planted on 14″ wheels positioned for easy handling. The exterior styling offers seamless front and rear symmetry while both doors are completely identical and open in the opposite direction for increased accessibility.

The Ami is ultra-compact and stands at just 2.41 m long, 1.39m wide and 1.52m high and this short length offers an incredibly tight turning circle of just 7.2meters.

As the Citroën AMI is compact and agile, it provides an easy solution for navigating busy streets and fitting into narrow parking spaces. The undeniably quirky AMI has space for the driver, a passenger and one small item if luggage, with the heated interior bathed in light thanks to the panoramic glass sunroof.

In a nostalgic nod the iconic Citroën 2CV, the manual side windows of AMI can be opened by flipping the glass upwards into a fixed raised position.

Buyers have access to a wide range of personalisation options, thanks to colourful accessory packs and additions that allow each owner to make their Citroën AMI truly unique.

Also available as a van, the Ami Cargo provides 400 litres of load space and a 140kg payload. In terms of weight, the total vehicle weight including the battery is just 485 kg.

Ami is now set for an Irish debut next year following interest from both dealers and customers alike.

Speaking this week, Cathal Kealey, Head of Marketing at Citroën Ireland commented: “Following our annual dealer conference earlier this week, almost 80% of our dealer network have registered an interest in retailing the Ami here in Ireland. We have also experienced unprecedented demand from consumers of all ages through our social channels in recent times.

“Now that we have interest from dealers and consumers alike, we have stepped up our efforts to introduce the Ami into Ireland. The Ami will remain a left-hand drive vehicle in the Irish market and a full driving licence will be required to drive one also. Additional details will follow before the end of the year.”