Afghans’ pleas sent in error to local distillery

Copyright: antonmedvedev

As the Taliban took hold of Afghanistan’s major cities and the United States of America began evacuating their diplomats and citizens, many in Afghanistan desperately undertook attempts to evacuate the country, fleeing from the Taliban’s rule.

While devastating scenes of those attempting to flee were shared across media outlets, for one local business, an error over e-mail brought the overseas conflict much closer to home as pleas for help came flooding in. 

Blackwater Distillery located in West Waterford received a number of emails in error between August 24 and August 27, just after the Taliban took hold, from individuals seeking to leave Afghanistan.

Speaking with The Avondhu, Blackwater Distillery CEO Peter Mulryan, said he received e-mails from seven individuals in total over the three day period, the first of which came in before the explosion at Kabul Airport.

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