A host of treatments available at Awbeg Acupuncture Clinic

According to Mary Lannon of Awbeg Acupuncture Clinic, who specialises in women's health, she said that acupuncture can be used to treat a variety of ailments. (Photo: Katie Glavin)

For the month of December, Awbeg Acupuncture Clinic is offering initial consultations for half price.

Having recently opened a new clinic at Unit 4, 1 O’Rahilly Row, Fermoy, the Clinic offers a host of services and treatments at their Fermoy premises, as well as at their existing clinic at Lag, Doneraile.

Run by Doneraile lady, Mary Lannon, who has over 20 years of experience in nursing, Awbeg Acupuncture Clinic focuses on Chinese medicine and treatments that are over 4,000 years old.

According to Mary, the eastern medicine system focuses on the energy, or chi, in the body and the channels and pathways this chi flows through. By using small, thin needles at specific points in the body, the flow of chi can be adjusted and in turn, treats the condition that a person has.

“I was nursing for 20 years and I always had an interest in Chinese medicine, so I went and trained in it back in 2002 and I qualified in 2007,” Mary said.

“Over the years, I have specialised in fertility acupuncture. I treat a lot of couples trying to conceive, couples going for IVF in the various clinics in Cork and Limerick and some couples go abroad for treatment. I treat women that would be suffering from morning sickness, back pain, indigestion, and whose babies are breech presentation”.


Studies suggest that scupuncture given during fertility treatments can enhance the success of embryo transfer and recent research has shown that acupuncture can increase blood flow to the uterus to promote relaxation and can increase the chances of conception.

“It’s lovely when women come back and say they’re pregnant and then nine months later, there’s a baby. That’s always brilliant to hear. I’ve treated couples going for IVF who are maybe on their 5th or 6th round of IVF treatment.

“Couples find it helpful to have acupuncture when going through IVF as it has a calming effect and some studies indicate it enhances the effect of the treatment,” Mary added.

More recently, Mary notes, people are seeking treatment for post-Covid syndrome and symptoms, with people seeking acupuncture for post-Covid fatigue, headaches, sinus issues and anxiety.

Awbeg Acupuncture Clinic also offers cupping, sports massage and prescription of Chinese herbs.

“The first consultation takes roughly an hour and a half and I go through all their (clients) medical history and ask them questions from a Chinese medicine point of view, check their tongue and pulses because that can give an indication of how their body is internally and whether their energy or chi is deficient or in excess. Following that, we do the acupuncture session and give them a plan going forward.

“Generally, a course of treatment is six sessions, so that would be once a week for six weeks because the effects of the treatments accumulate over the week,” Mary added.

For more information, visit Awbeg Acupuncture Clinic at www.awbegacupuncture.com, email maryandnoel@hotmail.com or phone (086) 1614507.